Wedding Photography Skipton – Emma and Johns 1st year anniversary




Wedding Photography Skipton

– Emma and Johns 1st year anniversary

Clitheroe Wedding Photography carried out by bonafide images

Being a wedding photographer is always an interesting job and come across lots of storeys good and bad however a friend at work came to me and asked if he could hire me for a day to cover his sons first wedding anniversary to be set at Skipton’s Coniston hall to which I agreed. As the friends son was from America and only visiting for two weeks this made it difficult to have a sit down consultation with the couple like I normally would
coniston hall
The day came for the wedding anniversary and I was to meet the party at Coniston’s hall falconry centre. The bride and groom turned up in there wedding dress and suit from the wedding day which was a bit of a surprise but a nice surprise to say the least. I quickly spoke to the couple and asked them for their ideas for the day as all my dealings previously had been with the father of the couple.
weddding photographer burnley
It turned out the reason for the grand first year anniversary was due to the wedding photographer over in America which had covered the wedding had been paid to cover the full day and he attended the wedding and captured the day as requested however when it came to the couple getting the images from the day the wedding photographer refused to give them and said he had gone bankrupt and no longer traded as a photographer so any wedding day images were not going to be issued to them, This I felt sorry for the couple straight away and making me feel that anything from then on would be done to meet and surpass the expectations the couple wanted and to give them the images they needed to soften the blow left by the photographer that had let them down.
skipton wedding photography
We started the day off with the party spending time looking and holding the birds of prey barn owls and Harris hawks etc. however the day was very windy which made it difficult for birds to fly I walked around the party capturing those moments where people are talking at ease with out the posed shots knowing that any images from this time would look natural.
Burnley Wedding Photography
Next I took the couple away and captured some intimate images of them together as this is the one thing they was upset the most over the whole wedding day photographer fiasco that they had missed out on these images. If I had known about me doing these images I would have taken an assistant with me to hold my lighting set up as the day was just too windy to use the flashes, umbrellas and soft boxes but the lighting was nice. I knew I still would be able to get some exceptional images just using natural light as I do prefer natural light as oppose to studio lighting.
colne wedding photography
The falconry session was coming to an end and the next location was back down to Coniston hall for afternoon tea and champagne. I continued to go round capturing the natural shots of unsuspecting people laughing and joking. Once everyone had the tea it was time for formals dues to another wedding being on this would have to be done in doors so I moved a few tables and as it was a small party gathered everyone together for the big group shots calling off people as and when they were needed.
wedding photography skipton
By this time the bride had got changed so thought it would be a good opportunity to capture the bride in her new dress so they had a few more of those intimate solo shots she had longed for with just her and her husband.
wedding photography clitheroe
Over all the day was a great success I felt I captured some great images from the day which would help build up my event photography Skipton portfolio as well as my wedding photography Skipton portfolio, The images came out great and most of all the client loved the images which hopefully restored their faith in wedding photographers which had been destroyed by the photographer from their wedding day.

wedding photography burnley


wedding photographer clitheroe


colne wedding photographer

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    Pet Photography Burnley – Pixie The Pug


    Pet Photography Burnley By Bonafide Images:

    Pixie The Pug

    Pet Photography Burnley - Pug Life

    Everyone loves dogs and me more than anyone. I had been asked by a client to capture some images of her new puppy pug and possibly some with her and her faience so I jumped at the chance and booked her in for the shoot.

    Pet Photography Burnley - Studio Pug
    As the weather was a bit unpredictable at this time of year I decided that I would take my pop up back drop and should the weather be less desirable then we could shoot in the comfort of the house I also find this helps with the dog as they are a lot more calm in their own house. As I was shooting indoors I decided to pack the following equipment.

    · Nikon d7100
    · Nikon sb700
    · Nikon 35mm F1.8
    · Sigma 18-70mm F2.8
    · Metz
    · Soft box
    · Pop up back drop

    As I was shooting in the house the backdrop would come in use full as I have started to work with photo composites where I super impose a fake background to change the look of the image when I am limited to places to shoot.

    Pet Photography Burnley - Selective Colour Pug
    The shoot started off well little pixie the pug was playful and energetic but soon calmed down once I had been there ten min or so I started shooting away using the different types of costumes her owner had for her then grabbed a few of little pixie with her owners.
    Pet Photography Burnley - Pug Photo Shoot
    I had noticed the sun had started to come out a bit so thought this would have been a good opportunity to go out in the garden and grab some images of her playing in the grass so ramped up my shutter speed so I could freeze time when she was running and just tried out close up images with flowers and greenery in the background.
    Pet Photography Burnley - black and white pug
    The only issue I came across is I probably would have been happier shooting with my D200 older camera as I prefer to use this when capturing moving images due to me being more comfortable with back button focus on that camera but apart from that the shoot went unbelievable well.

    Pet Photography Burnley - Pug Head Shot

    Should you be interested in more pet photography Burnley, Colne and surrounding areas feel free to take a look at my portfolio or contact me for a quotation.

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      Lancashire Automotive Photography – Vintage Cars Hit Leyland

      Lancashire Automotive Photography – Vintage Cars Hit Leyland

      Winters coming and the weather is getting a bit more un predictable. For this reason the show seasons over which means I have to grab every opportunity I can to get out there and photograph cars (or anything else for that matter). This time my cousin had told me of a small display of vintage cars in Leyland at Worden park where I had been earlier in the year for the Un-phased Show.

      I headed off one Sunday to go have a look it was only a small event with a handful of cars but the quality was good and attention to detail and hard work gone into the preservation of the cars made up for the small amount of cars.

      The cars ranged from little minis which are still on the road today to big rare Mercedes 350’s the likes Adolf Hitler used to own. This was the makings for some interesting images. As the cars of yesteryear are always that bit different of the cars of today as design and materials are massively different due to safety and cost issues of todays market.

      Where else would you find wooden spokes on a car? or belts holding the bonnet down? The whole look of the cars are unique to the times they were produced the big box like shape of the old Austin’s to the silique lines of an MG Midget also the technology vastly differs like crank handles for instance what was the means of starting the car 70+ years ago would never be dreamed of in today’s world and probably if you showed a kid of today a crank handle they wouldn’t have a clue what it was for and wouldn’t believe them if you told them.

      I might not photograph or pay attention to the older cars in my photography but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate them I found the day a breath of fresh air looking round the cars, Looking how different the cars were back then. Unlike now how advanced the technology has come from good old mechanical problem solving ways back then. To the 1000’s of sensors I have on my 5 series BMW that seem to do nothing apart from bring up warning lights and flash at me when something as simple as a cd skips.

      Overall I saw the day as an education on how far we have come in the car world with technology and design rather than a day for photographing. Not that its bad thing as the cars on show were really looked after and couldn’t fault the time and work that had gone into the preservation and restoration of the cars on show. Hopefully I will get myself to some more events like this in the future possibly a few hill climbs events or the super car Sunday that runs through the summer at mitten hall.

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        Event Photography Lancashire – Preston Comic Con

        Event Photography Lancashire – Preston Comicon

        Cosplay photography is always something I have been intrigued by. This probably came my hours of watching films and playing computer games as a kid. For that raseon I have always fancied a look at the cosplay events. As winter is now setting in and I am running out of things to photograph I decided to have a look at the Preston comic con.

        This was the to be the first comic con event held in Preston so was all a bit new and for that reason things like this normally turn out better. As I feel  they are a bit more personal and less mainstream so everyone is more relaxed and not under pressure making for great photo opotunites. I arrived there around 12.30 to be greeted by a cyber-man, stromtrooper, tie fighter pilot and an Indiana jones at the front doors which is just a bit different for your normal Saturday afternoon in Preston.

        Just from the characters outside I could tell the outfits had a lot of time and effort put into them and  I was going to in for a treat when I got inside, turns out I wasn’t to be let down.  I walked upstairs to the entrance walking past harry potter, imperial guards and a huge space marine which looked amazing.

        Once into the function itself  the lobby of the guild hall was littered with more cosplay characters sat eating there dinner it almost seemed a bit surreal to see planet of the apes chimpanzees sat next to a Mario or Luigi I started snapping away grabbing pictures where I could being sure to be polite and ask and what I did find excellent is that everyone stayed in character when posing  making for better images.

        From there I walked upto the next level where the show was in the auditorium style theatre all the stalls were surrounded by more cosplay characters and comic book fans. Then round the outside of the room artists and actors were sat giving autograph and talking to the members of the public.

        I continued to walk round the show seeing some of the groups that specialize in cosplay either dressed like star wars characters like storm troopers, Darth Vader or judges from Judge Dread all with inch perfect costumes which look they had come straight from a film set.

        As a photographer this was making for good pictures however the room conditions I did find a bit challenging with the low light scenario. I was finding the ISO on my camera was ramped up higher than normal. Also the flash was being used quite a bit, but with the high ceilings bouncing the flash was next to impossible and found myself having to point the flash towards the subject (which I always try not to do). Due to the small area I had to take pictures my Nikon 50mm F1.8 wasn’t the best for shooting but I made do with my sigma 18-70 F2.8. As it wasn’t the best lighting conditions I just told myself that all this was going to make better for my experience of shooting in low light scenarios.

        I continued to walk around the show looking for new cos play characters to shoot and looking at the odd stall along the way. I was really impressed with all the work had gone into the show and made me think I would be interested in shooting one off the bigger events in the future.

        I have to say I really enjoyed the day and because the characters aren’t of the everyday type of photography its meant I have been able to experiment with my editing in light room and over the winter will probably come back to some of these images and play about with photo composites to give the full cosplay photography feel to my work.

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          Event Photography Burnley – Halloween Charity Event


          This time it was Event photography Burnley was the location and an opportunity all came about when I was sat on Facebook one day and a friend of mine had spotted a post on the Burnley buy and sell Facebook page. A women was asking if there was any photographers willing to give their time to photograph a charity event they had planned.

          As it was back when I was starting up I decided to give it a go and put my name forward as it was for a good cause with it being a cancer charity which is a cause very close to my heart due to losing family members recently and through the years.

          The night came and I met Jackie and her husband which were the organizers of the charity event. The event was to be a Halloween party in Burnley. When I walked in all the room was all decorated with the orange and green streamers and balloons with vampire faces on which all looked great I have to say.

          As far as equipment wise It was back in the day when I was starting up so all I had for shooting in low light was my faithful 50mm F1.8mm and a Nikon SB-600 flash the event started well with a steady stream of people coming through the doors and I walked around the room grabbing pictures of the people in their fancy dress costumes and I have to say everyone put so much effort into the pictures which made shooting the party all that more enjoyable.

          As the night progressed more people came through the doors from vampires to banana man all types of characters had been thought of which was al topped off by a nice warm friendly atmosphere at the party. when time come and it was the fancy dress competition first the kids then the adults everyone had clearly put a lot of work into the costumes which made judging a lot more harder for the judges for sure.

          Overall I enjoyed the whole photography experience I have to take my hat off and commend Jackie and her husband as a lot of hard work had gone into the event it was clear to see and from what It was enjoyed by all with nothing negative to say by anyone. Jackie has since kindly asked me to photograph another red carpet themed event for her next year for the same charity and because of the success of the one last year I can’t wait to do the next.

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            Model Photography Manchester – Portfolio Build up


            Model Photography Manchester – Portfolio Build up

            One of my friends was in the middle of expanding her portfolio and was after adding a few new images to add to it. She asked me if I was interested in shooting her, As I hadn’t done a model shoot for quite a bit I jumped at the chance.

            Nat came up with the idea that she wanted a shoot with her car, As cars are a big passion of hers and as she owned a Subaru impreza this would be the perfect car to use for the shoot. Next was for the location as another photographer James Lu from Birmingham was jumping in on the shoot and was visting friends in Manchester we decided that Manchester would be a good spot as I know Manchester best out of the three of us I took it upon myself to find a location I turned up at the meeting spot half hour early and had a scout round the surrounding areas and found a few nice sports for the shoot I had in mind within the Trafford park area .

            With the location now sorted I met Nat and James and showed them to the final location. My lenses of choice for the day was going to be mostly my Nikon 50mm f1.8 and my Sigma 18-70mm F2.8 which would be bolted to my Nikon d7100. In addition to this I decided I would use a bit of off camera flash (SB700) to add that bit of special something to the images but used mostly as a fill light.

            We went through the shoot changing poses and locations around the carpark the area was different with each wall offering a different backdrop be it the corrugated metal of a warehouse wall or a red brick wall topped in barbed wire these all added to different looks for the images. This also gave quite an industrial/urban feel to the images which tied in well with Nat’s choice of clothing.

            I continued to shoot for the hour getting some great images in camera which made me excited to get back to the computer and edit the pictures from the evenings shoot. If I was to do the shoot again I would probably want to choose the time of day so I had more light to play with through the windows to add more of a lighter feel to the pictures but apart from that I felt the whole photo shoot was a success.

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              Aviation Photography – Southport Airshow


              Aviation Photography – Southport Air show

              Time for something a bit different. I had always seen people going to air shows on my Facebook and never really took any notice as normally they are on weekends when I am away at a car show or I have a photo-shoot booked for that day. However with show season now over and Southport was holding ita annual air show quite late on in the year I decided to have a look over

              Not knowing much about the show or what I would need I just packed the bag with my:

              • Nikon D7100
              • Sigam 18-70mm f2.8
              • Nikon 35mm f1.8
              • Nikon 80-210mm f2.8

              I set off from Preston for the 20 mile trip to Southport at 11 am knowing its only a short drive thought I would have plenty of time to get there for the red arrows display at 12 pm how wrong was I when I hit the A59 I was met with a barrage of traffic meaning what was a 30 min drive turned into a 2 hour drive meaning I missed quite a bit of the show to start with. However from the traffic jam I did get to see the red arrows but did make me think that my 200mm lens would not be cut out for such distance.

              Finally I got to the air show well close enough to capture some images. Due to half the day having gone by stuck in traffic I thought it would be best to just sit outside the air show rather than in it as the show was over the beach so easy enough to get the same images without paying an entrance fee.

              The afternoon went on managing to catch shows from both planes and helicopters form different generations both military and stunt planes were putting on a show, with a lot of things I didn’t even think was possible for planes and helicopters alike.

              Come 3 pm and the show stopper arrived the two remaining flying Lancaster bombers accompanied by 2 spitfires flew over making multiple passes over the beach thundering along with the massive quad engines quickly I snapped away to try and get different images of the pair as the flew overhead.

              Next was the euro fighter and this thing was loud I like loud noises as I spend most of my days at race tracks but the noise made by the euro fighter far surpassed anything I had heard before when the afterburner’s kicked in and glowed red this was followed by a massive roar. I also noticed when the Eurofighter was flying in the clouds you could see the trail round the wings where it was braking through the air which was going to make for interesting pictures.

              As the afternoon went on I tried different techniques to try and capture the right images. I normally promote myself on my panning skills as I feel I carry this off very well showing an essence of speed in my pictures while keeping images sharp. Well this became more difficult with planes as the props of the planes were spinning fast while moving so I wanted to catch them as a blur but keep the plane sharp but the plane wasn’t traveling fast enough to warrant a slow shutter speed as my lens wasn’t as close as I needed but I made do with what I had and soldered away as after all this was more of a day at trying my hand at a new type of photography and expanding the skills I already had.

              So how did the day go? well I wouldn’t say it went to bad I learnt that if I am to do more of this type of photography I would need a bigger lenses or even a X2 tele convertor also that if I am going to go to another air show in Southport I should give myself more time to get there so I don’t miss as much of the show as I did. I feel from the day I got some good images for my first time carrying out aviation photography and my knowledge of panning and shutter speeds from my motorsport photography helped. I will no doubt have another stab at this photography in the future and expand on the techniques I tired as I found it a good challenge.


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                Portrait Photography Manchester – Sam with Tattitude

                Portrait Photography Manchester –  Sam with Tattitude

                This was an old friend that I had shot in the past you might recognise her form some of my other shoots like the Ladies of the manor, abandoned building and the destroy the dress shoot. Sam was wanting to rebuild her portfolio and was after adding a few new images to add to it. She asked me for a quotation for a shoot knowing I had now started a business in photography. I quoted her my ‘Fun’ package which is £30 for I hour photo shoot 30 watermarked images on a disk.

                Sam came up with the idea that she wanted a ‘suicide girl’ type shoot which fits her appearance of the alternative model look, with the tattoos and funky hair. Now all we needed was a location. Sam works for a tattoo parlour Tattitude so after agreeing with her boss we used the tattoo parlour for the shoot which was to be Tattitude in Manchester which is a well presented penthouse shop unit making it the perfect place for Sam’s shoot as the décor was very urban and modern.

                I started by setting up the two off camera flashes using a soft box for one Speedlight and the other used as a fill light bounced off the ceiling. The shop was quite dark with it being in the city and late in the day so Speedlight’s were a definite in this scenario. My lenses of choice for the day was my sigma 18-70mm f2.8 and Nikon 35mm f1.8 which would be bolted to my Nikon d7100 due to the low f Stop and the room not being big enough to warrant the Nikon 70-200 f2.8 while using a flash.

                We went through the shoot changing poses and locations with in the room as the room had lots of props and places to sit making it a really good place to shoot. The red brick also gave quite an industrial/urban feel to the images which tied in well with Sam’s tattoos and choice of clothing.

                I continued to shoot for the hour getting some great images in camera which made me excited to get back to the computer and edit the pictures from the days shoot. If I was to do the shoot again I would probably want to choose the time of day so I had more light to play with through the windows to add more of a lighter feel to the pictures but apart from that I felt the whole photo shoot was a success.

                If you would like the idea of the fun package shoot please see here for more details on pricing and time covered within the price.


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                  Special Offer Photography Package – 30 images for £30


                  Special Offer Photography Package  – 30 images for £30

                  Want something simple?

                  If the answer is yes then this is the photography package for you. It would consist of a 1 hour photo shoot for any genre of photography portrait, couples or automotive at the location of your choice be it in your own home, park or any other of your favourite surroundings.

                  I will work with yourself to create the shoot you desire for the low price all documented with 30 watermarked images which is works out at just £1 per image so grab this offer now as it won’t last forever.

                  should you want to know more about this special deal feel free to drop me a line and i can discuss it further.

                  should you want to see more images from other photo shoots these can be found in my portfolio


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                    Automotive Photography Silverstone – Trax 2014

                    Photography Silverstone – Trax 2014

                    Well the time is back again for me end of the car show season for me and as normal I attended the car show finale for me which was trax. The show is held at world famous Silverstone circuit in the UK.

                    The weekend started on the Saturday due to early entry into the show and also having a show stand with northern modified it ment I would have to travel the day before and stay down Silverstone. Me and a few friends decided to head down a day later and camp. We headed down the M6 at 12 o clock Saturday afternoon hounded by roadwork’s and temporary speed limits. We arrived at the camp site roughly 5 hours later. The tents were pitched up camp at a campsite 5 min away from the circuit at whittle bury park which was quite a really nice campsite compared to some of the fields I have been stuck on for a car show.

                    After a night of barbeque food and banter and a bit of camera experimenting (long exposure experiment in picture above) I went to bed for the 6 am start which my body wasn’t going to be happy with. We made the short journey to the petrol station to jet wash the cars off while stood waiting for the car wash saw all the modified cars making way to the show quite a few calling in the petrol station as well. With the cars cleaned we were back on the road we joined the ques to the show however the staff at trax seemed to have it sorted and the queue into the show didn’t last very long and was in before 8am.

                    As everyone was setting up I decided to have a walk round with the sky being hazy this made the sun light was quite soft as it was looking it was going to be a very sunny day. Which makes life hard work as a photographer at cars shows. The bright sun and Harsh shadows and light plays havoc with the camera sensor and makes capturing pictures that bit more tricky.

                    I walked round the pits and trade stands as knowing how busy this area would be later in the day I thought I would go here first so I could get some images of cars without the general public in the way I called by the time attack pits for a catch up with my friends at Japstone racing and talked myself into a pit lane pass which would help get some track images later in the day. I then carried on walking round the pits and grabbed a few images of the club class and the pro class cars.

                    By this time the gates were now open to the public so decided to have a walk round the rest of the show grabbing pictures as I went along trying to find cars that stood out to me and among the vast amounts of Corsa’s, Astra’s and focus RS’s I did find a few cars to take pictures of.

                    Next I decide I would go capture some track action the pit lane pass I had been given was going to be used for the time attack knowing that the pit lane was going to be the only un obstructed place I could get any motorsport images from the day at this time I managed to set up the camera for the club and pro classes so I could get them going down the pit straight and also pitting in for the teams to check the cars over when needing to.

                    Next I decided I would have a trip over to the grandstand top see what I could see of the BDC drift racing however as I have said in the past Silverstone is very un friendly when it comes to photographers so I ended up just sitting watching the drift racing from the grand stand rather than taking any pictures.

                    I Continued my journey around the show managing to get round all the various car clubs grabbing pictures when I could and constantly fighting with the harsh sun light which had no started to hinder my pictures and became a problem but carried on non the less.

                    It got to about 4pm and decided to call it a day with over 800 pictures over the two cameras I knew I would have along edit session ahead of me. Overall the day was a good day out trax always proves to be a good show and this year was probably the biggest Trax to date. However I still have the same problem with Silverstone is that of the 10ft fences surrounding the track making photography difficult to capture the track action.


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                      Portrait Photography Burnley – Subaru Girl


                      Portrait Photography Burnley – Subaru Girl

                      One of my friends was wanting to rebuild her portfolio and was after adding a few new images to add to it. She asked me if I was interested in shooting her, As I hadn’t done a model shoot in quite a few months I jumped at the chance.

                      Nat came up with the idea that she wanted a shoot with her car, As cars are a big passion of hers and as she owned a Subaru impreza this would be the perfect car to use for the shoot. Next was for the location a friend of mine had recently opened up a garage for bikes known as the bike doctor along with sharing a garage with another business (mobi-mech) with thie garage being local I asked if I could use this for a shoot in which they both agreed.

                      With the location model and car all arranged i could now plan the shoot. My lenses of choice for the day was going to be mostly my Nikon 50mm f1.8 which would be bolted to my Nikon d200 due to the low f Stop this would help me get pictures in the low light due to Nikon d200 not being the best camera for the low light scenario and this was pre d7100 days for myself.

                      We went through the shoot changing poses and locations with in the garage and around the car as the garage had lots of tools/props all the makings for a really good place to shoot. The garage also gave quite an industrial/urban feel to the images which tied in well with Nat’s choice of clothing.

                      I continued to shoot for the hour getting some great images in camera which made me excited to get back to the computer and edit the pictures from the evenings shoot. If I was to do the shoot again I would probably want to choose the time of day so I had more light to play with through the windows to add more of a lighter feel to the pictures but apart from that I felt the whole photo shoot was a success.


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                        Portrait photography – Zombies

                        Portrait photography – Zombies

                        Well time for something a bit different, for me especially. I had recently purchased a Nikon 3100 DSLR and it had a HD video feature on it one of my photography friends Matthew savage asked me if I would like to come along on a video shoot he was doing

                        Thinking nothing of it I agreed and jumped in the car and drove over. When I got to his house I was greeted by a group of students all covered in ripped cloths and makeup thinking even for a Saturday morning in Accrington this wasn’t the norm, so I asked more about the shoot which turned out that Matthew was shooting a Zombie style video for his college work and wanted me to help shoot some of the film, which then explained the people in makeup and ripped cloths so everything now made sense to me.

                        The location for the shoot was to be held at the old abandoned power station in Hapton which is derelict and full of graffiti which all would help to the post-apocalyptic zombie style surroundings Matthew was looking for.

                        As the day continued and the storey of the zombies unfolded every so often I would stop and grab the odd picture switching the camera from video to picture I have to say the experience of the day was great as it gave me something to my portfolio most people wouldn’t and gave me a chance to through a darker spin on my editing skills adding really dark vignette and grain to add to the dingy effect of the shoot through the pictures.

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                          Car Show Photography – Trax 2013 Silverstone

                          Car Show Photography – Trax 2013

                          Automotive Photography - Honda Integra DC2 seen at trax silverstone 2013

                          Last Day of the season had come and the destination was Trax 2013 modified car show at Silverstone. Trax is the last car show of the season for me but I also class this as my favourite. It has so much to offer from Drift racing to time attack there’s something for everyone to watch. On top of this the infield of the famous Silverstone track is full of modified cars to look at.

                          I arrived at the show at 9am after a little wait in traffic, the sun was out and Really bright making me think that any shooting would have to be before dinner due to the harsh light and strong shadows the sun would create unless we had rain but from the blue skies this didn’t look like it was going to happen.

                          Automotive Photography Silverstone - Honda CivicI entered the Silverstone  grounds and parked the car up and got the camera gear out this was all I had with me was my D200, 50mm and kit lens I did have my flash but the remote triggers I had on the day decided they didn’t want to work (which have now been replaced) so that made the flash out of the question as I am not a fan of on camera flash.

                          As well as photography I also run a car club in my local area, this gives me opportunity to go to the shows I do and means I normally attend with a big group of friends as I had to shoot quite quickly due to the sun I decided to have a walk round the show by myself grabbing shots when I could this also gives me time to sit and wait for people to pass the cars as I’m by myself I can shoot in my own time without anyone having to wait about for me to get the images I want.
                          Automotive Photography Silverstone - Seat Leon Stanced out on some Rotiforms alloy wheels
                          I managed to get round the show before dinner but the weather had took a turn from the worse and from the bright sun I was fighting against at first, it now looked like I would be trying to shoot before a storm set as a big dark cloud had appeared over Silverstone. I checked the weather on my phone and the rain was too set in for the rest of the day as I hadn’t had much sleep that weekend due to a couple of nights on the town in Milton Keynes I decided to call it a day and pack the camera up and head off for my 3 hour journey back up north.

                          _DSC0038The show was great it had lots to offer the only problem I had with it is due to health and safety Silverstone has surrounded the track with 6 foot high fences making it very unfriendly for me as a photographer. This ruled out me getting any track action images as I didn’t have the views I would at other tracks like Oulton park and Cadwell which means if I am to attend Silverstone again for any motorsport images I am going to either need a media track pass or a bigger telephoto to capture the images I want.

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                            Portrait Photography Burnley – Ladies of the Manor

                            Portrait Photography Burnley – Ladies of the Manor

                            Another location shoot this time it was with more than one model although they were to be shot separately the idea was to go to Burnley and shoot in the grounds of Townley hall an old stately home. This is open to the public through the week for people to walk round.

                            We set up everything in the long gallery.  This being quite dark I knew a flash would be required to get the images we wanted. It wasn’t to dark as there was some light which came from the windows which were scattered down one side of the Gallery. I Decided we would first use one of the windows as to get my first images getting Sam to pose in the window sill while I shot away giving quite a bright look to the images.

                            At this point I decided it was time to use some of the darkness of the room and got same to stand and pose in the middle of the gallery only to be lit by the one off camera flash I had. As Sam continued to pose I noticed the floor was quite polished so decided that if I stood further away from sam by getting her whole body in shot I would get some of her reflection/shadow on the floor just giving that extra edge to the pictures.

                            The time came to change room and moved onto the stairs leaving the gallery. This area was quite ornate and well lit which gave a good chance for photos. I started by shooting with Carly and tried the theme of the lady of the manor house for quite a posh look. As we had a teapot and a cup and saucer prop with us which we added to the shot to give a more lady of the manor feel about the pictures.
                            Next came to shoot in this area and decided to move further down the stairs to get another set of images. I decided to stand further down and get a different approach to the image by being lower than Sam it makes the pictures more  overpowering.
                            I then moved to the kitchen as the kitchen had a nice big Stately Stone fire place with the old iron Fire place decorations. I decided I hadn’t used carley much on the shoots so grabbed a few images of her here with her teapot.

                            The day was coming to a close and sun had set due to it being in the winter months I thought about tracking back upto the gallery. I was interested to see how different the gallery looked with the less light and how this would affect the shoot. The whole aura of the place had changed making it a bit more sinister so decided to capture some images here with Sam and Carly again. I was then going to see how different the feel of the pictures from this time of day would be compared to the ones at the start of the day.

                            Overall the day was a great day for learning new techniques and practicing the ones I had. I got to grips with posing models and playing with the off camera light. I like to say a big thank you for Sam and Carly for modelling and hope we can work together in the future

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                              Landscape Photography Lancashire – The Atom



                              Landscape Photography Lancashire- The Atom

                              Well I hadn’t been out with my camera for a bit so with my day off work, I decided to take the dog for a walk.

                              Armed with my camera and dog I decided to have a walk up to the Atom which is a sculpture located in Whycoller, Lancashire. However the weather wasn’t great, with dull skies and the odd shower making it quite a dull day. So I decided whatever I was going to shoot, would be in black and white. I then decided to see how I went on from there and also play with the different lenses I had taken with me.

                              In my bag I had:

                              o D7100
                              o Nikon 80-200 F2.8
                              o Sigma 10-20mm
                              o Nikon 35mm F1.8
                              o Various ND Filters
                              o Slik Tripod

                              I started off by parking up at the car park near to the atom itself and walked down to the atom. I set up with my tripod and had it in my head I was going to try a long exposure shoot during the day, hoping I could get a long enough exposure to get the clouds moving as seen in the photo below:

                              Picture by: Jimmy Mcintyre

                              However, after adding my various ND filters together I just couldn’t seem to get the effect I desired. Even with the F stop at 32 and ISO at 100 as the longest I could hold the shutter open for was xx sec which just wasn’t long enough due to the sky being quite slow moving on that day. I just continued to shoot and thought Iwould keep with my black and white idea and moved my way round the atom taking shots from each of the windows along with shots of the atom itself.

                              Then the rain came, from looking at the skies it was clear it was only going be a short shower so I decided to put the camera in the bag and walk down the hill to wycoller village until the shower passed. When I reached to the bottom of hill the river was flowing nicely so, with the long exposure theme still going, I thought I would capture a few images of the river flowing. With the long exposure they came out quite nice but could have done with using the filters to add a longer shutter time.


                              I then decided to change lens and have a play with the 35mm F1.8 and have a play with the 1.8 F stop to give a shallow depth of field to get the blurred background I love to create.


                              I then decided I had pretty much shot everything I wanted, so I started the walk up the hill back to the car taking photos along the way of the sheep using my Nikon 80-200 F2.8. This lens is one that I normally use for motorsport photography and I had not really tried it with anything else. Even though it is well known for being used in wedding photography for the shallow DOF it gives. So I decided to give it a try as the sheep were quite a bit away in the field and continued to shoot. However, with this lens being quite old it is very bulky making it very hard work to keep still when shooting stationary objects. So I ramped my shooting speed upto 5000 I’m order not to get any motion blur.


                              Once I had taken a few shots I continued to walk up the hill and noticed a few things with flowers, trees and bushes. I could use the Nikon lens to get a shallow DOF that I had previously read about, which when used I found it seemed to work really well and was impressed with the results.


                              In addition to this, having the big telephoto lens on the camera meant I could shoot things quite quick. With having the low F stop I could freeze time quite easy whilst shooting, as seen in the photo below.




                              Overall, the day was more of a day for learning and homing my skills. I found a few things out, one being that I need to look into long exposure in the daylight a bit more and to possibly get some darker ND filters for such practices. Also that I should try using my Telephoto on portrait shoots due to the nice BOKEH that the lens creates._DHR9969

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                                Automotive Photography How To: Make An Engine Composite Picture


                                Automotive Photography How To: Make An Engine Composite Picture

                                Anyone that reads car magazines have no doubt seen the pictures of cars with the invisible bonnet well I have done a few in the past and thought I would do a outline on how I create the pictures with the most basic of photography equipment.

                                • What you will need:
                                      • 1 X Camera
                                      • 1 X Tripod
                                      • 1 X Car
                                      • 1 X Copy of Photoshop or photo editing package
                                • Park car in front in the location you plan to shoot, Then Place tripod and camera in front of the car and take a picture.


                                • Now leaving the tripod and camera in exactly the same place quickly run over to the car and open the bonnet then take another picture.


                                • Now take both the pictures back home and open up in Photoshop.
                                • Make any edits you require to both the images to make the pictures pop i.e play with levels, contrast, colour, brightness etc.

                                Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 11.39.27

                                • Select the image with bonnet open and ‘copy’ the image (Ctl & c on windows cmd & c on mac) and insert into a new page we shall name this page composite for tutorial reasons.
                                •  Then go to the picture with the car with its bonnet closed and copy the image again as before now place this image over the new document labelled ‘composite’.
                                •  Now select the eraser tool and set the feather to a hardness of 0%  and then start erasing the bonnet away to show the engine on the layer below. Once you have done flatten the image and save and there you have it.

                                Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 11.43.05

                                I don’t claim to be a expert at Photoshop and other people have their ways of doing thing but just thought I would give you and insight into my way of editing the image should people know a better way of doing this as I’m always keen to learn feel free to email me.

                                row 2

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                                  Motorsport Photography – Legends Fire Rally Blackpool


                                  Motorsport Photography – Legends Fire Rally Blackpool

                                  Here was my annual trip to a local rally in Blackpool the past few years I have gone to watch the rally on the Blackpool promenade at night but this year I thought I would take the afternoon off work and go and have a look at the cars checking in at the start stage at the Blackpool Norbeck Castle hotel.



                                  There is a wide variety of cars that enter the event so I knew I would capture some nice cars if I sat round the pits and watched the cars coming in to be checked out for scrutenearing. The cars ranged from small Sunday rally minis to competition level Subaru’s and ford focus’s and even the odd group B rally car thrown into the mix such as metro 6R4 and a Ferrari which nobody would picture on a rally course


                                  I only spent a few hours at the event but managed to get quite a few images I was favouring my Nikon 70-200 f2.8 lens on the day I hadn’t used this before on static shots but the quality of the lens blew me away on how crisp the images were


                                  I also opted for my new 35mm lens f1.8 for the close up detail shots giving me the shallow depth of field (blur background) I like when taking close up shots throwing the background out of focus which I think makes the image more attractive and giving the subject more importance. I solely picked the 35mm as I already have the 50mm but with places like shows and events I have to stand quite far away with the 50mm to get a car in frame due to the 1.5 crop factor of the d7100 body thus making the 50mm lens more like a 85mm so by using the 35mm lens I get the 50mm focal length I desire.


                                  I have still yet to get to a proper daytime rally stage yet to capture rally images so hopefully I can get to the Grizedale stages which are staged in the lake district in November


                                  _DHR2284 _DHR2211


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                                    Motorsport Photography – How I have progressed


                                    Motorsport Photography – How I have progressed

                                    Since a young age I was always interested in cars, probably cos my dad was a mechanic so spent time at the garage after school waiting for him as a kid. As I grew up so did my love of cars reading magazines like max power fast car etc and watching the world rally, f1 and British touring cars. So when I picked up a camera for the first time this gave me the chance to capture the images I saw in the magazines as a kid and recreate my own.
                                    Gordon shedden on track at Oulton park in the BTCC

                                    Over the past couple of years as a photographer I have been to multiple races up and down the country experiencing the Hightower of the time attack series to the side ways action of the drift racing all capturing this at the same time

                                    Jap performance rb25 engined Subaru in the euro drift all stars at Birmingham wheels

                                    As with any profession you get better with time and from looking at my images I can see how I have progressed as a photographer by applying new skills and techniques to my Motorsport photography as well as gaining better knowledge of my cameras so let’s have a look how my images have developed.



                                    Here we have a Vauxhall Vectra taken on the pit straight at Oulton park as you can see I have managed to get a bit of a pan on the picture where the car is in focus but the background is blurred to give that element of speed found in Motorsport photography but as the spokes of the wheels are still quite defined this therfore let’s down the element of speed I originally aimed for and the whole picture but i was young and less clued up but still find this a good attempt for what was my first outing at a motorsport event with my camera.

                                    Here we have a BMW at the BTCC Oluton park here I have managed to drag the shutter open for that bit longer and therefore the element of speed is increased making the car look like it’s going fast.


                                    Rob Austin Audi a4 in the BTCC at Oulton park

                                    Here we have the fans favourite rob Austin in ‘Sherman’ the Audi a4 here I have used for ground to help with the element of speed if you can see the grey blue in the foreground is actually a lamppost so this is adding to the blur effect also I have managed to drag the shutter for 1/60th of a second as oppose to shorter shutter lengths I have used in previous years.


                                    Alfa Romeo 90's British touring car running in the super tourers at the gold cup Oulton park

                                    Here’s this years attempt and now able to pick up the camera and dial in the settings and coming out with a good pan pretty much every time and keeping the background blurred and the car in focus which can be seen in the car lively which isn’t distorted I’ve even started to experiment with different lenses this was taken with my 50mm lense which would normally be used for portraits which also proves you don’t need a massive telephoto to get Motorsport pictures

                                    hopefully I can continue with the progression until I can one day create flawless Motorsport photography you see in publications.

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                                      Automotive Photography Santa Pod – The Fast Show 2014



                                      Automotive Photography Santa Pod – Fast Show 2014

                                      The first show of the UK season had arrived and my first destination was Santa pod located in Bedford, which is a drag strip surrounded with a car show. This was the first show of the season that offered a mixture of cars and styles. Ranging from the big BHP of the drag cars to the stanced out motors, including bagged BMW, Mercedes and even Vauxhalls with a few JAP cars thrown in for good measure. The event stretched for two days, firstly the Saturday being a normal ‘run what ya brung’ which is purely about setting good times and competing with your friends for the quickest 1/4 mile time.

                                      Automotive photography Santa Pod- bumblebee

                                      Come sun down the drag strip closes and the party starts with the rave tent in full swing and beer flowing with the madness continuing in to the early hours of the morning. Secondly, Sunday morning should anyone not be nursing a hangover after the alcohol fuelled antics, will be out at the first sign of daylight armed with a polish and micro fibre cleaning their cars and parking up onto a stand to show off their pride and joy.

                                      The weekend was a great show with lots of polished examples of the British show scene. Anyways less of my talking, I will let the images show you…









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                                        Portrait Photography Clitheroe – If You Go Down To The Woods Today



                                        Portrait Photography Clitheroe – If You Go Down To The Woods Today

                                        Well this was my first ever model shoot back in 2011 and was my first experience with working with other people when carrying out photography work. It all started when a fellow photographer Shauna (flair photography) asked if I would like to shoot with her as she knew I hadn’t done any model photography and was something I would like to look at.

                                        DSC_6761-2 (2)

                                        I arranged with her to go on a shoot the location was to be the blue lagoon in Chavley. This is a nice picturesque area with as you guessed it a lagoon and when the sun hits it right looks blue in colour. The lagoon is also surrounded by woodland areas giving us a chance to shoot in multiple areas getting different types of shots.

                                        Portrait photography Clitheroe

                                        On the day I met Shauna and set off up to Chavley along with another photographer Matthew (Mathew savage photography) which both would talk me through the techniques and camera settings to carry out a model shoot. All I had on the day was my trusty Nikon d200 and my kit lens. However Shauna and Mathew being more experienced photographers had their cameras along with a reflector disk and sb600 which I also borrowed and gave me chance to use on the day.

                                        We started off down at the lagoon taking shots of Shauna in front of the lagoon and also fished out an old retro yellow TV out of the lagoon no doubt some drunken teenagers had left but hey it gave us a prop for the shoot so couldn’t complain much. Armed with just the camera and Shauna’s sister holding the reflector disk we started to shoot using the reflector disk to bounce light onto Shauna’s face.DSC_6706-2

                                        After this we moved into the woodland areas the woodland is quite thick in places so lighting was a bit more dark so the flash needed to be brought out. We placed the flash on a stand and pointed the flash into the white umbrella to cast soft light onto the subject in this case was Shauna we a started to get nice images with using the flash making it so the background was nice and black but the flash keeping Shauna well lit as seen in the image.


                                        Next we decide to use the flash and reflector disk but with a golden reflector on the disk as you can see from the image  we bounced the available sunlight in forest off the gold reflector into Mally’s (Shauna’s sisters and model for this periods) face giving a nice golden glow but also keeping quite a dark eerie image due to the unlit forest background.

                                        DSC_6767-2 (2)

                                        Overall the day was a good day I learnt loads as Mathew and Shauna were great helps breaking me into what has become one of my favourite elements of photography. I have continued to shoot with Matthew and Shauna and have a nice working relationship and still go on shoots today with them learning new techniques.


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                                          Colne Photographer Damien Roseby : The Man Behind The Camera


                                           Colne Photographer Damien Roseby: The Man Behind The Camera

                                          Damien Roseby a colne photographer has been practising photography for over 10 years. It all started when he studied art with photography at college, where he learnt to produce images using a film camera. Damien taught himself how to use a DSLR, and now works purely digitally. Having experience in graphics as well as art and photography has given Damien a wide spectrum of skills, which he applies to his photography and post production techniques. Damien immerses himself in learning new techniques, as well as improving his current technique, and looking for new challenges and inspiration for his own work.

                                          Over the past few years Damien has really developed his own style; particularly through his automotive photography, which could be likened to work by Tim Wallace, who is a big inspiration to Damien, along with John Zhang. Damien spends a lot of time traveling around the country from his home in Lancashire, to various motorsport shows and events, covering all areas, as well as privately arranged single car shoots. His hard work has paid off recently as he has been featured in various automotive magazines and websites, getting Bonafide Images’ name out into the eye of the public. Although Damien specialises in automotive photography, he also undertakes portraiture of many different varieties, themed portrait shoots, model portfolio building, fashion, and urban editorial. His main influences within portraiture are Mark Seliger, David LaChapelle and Annie Leibovitz. These great photographers have helped shape Damien’s attitude and style regarding portrait images. Damien aims to create work which is of a very high standard. He believes that quality work is work which has been created truthfully, in-camera, using the correct settings and making the most of available light and tools. He dislikes using artificial, clinical looking lighting and falsified imagery which has been manipulated excessively in post production. Damien is very happy to turn his hand towards any field of photography, as he is always interested in progressing as a photographer, trying out new styles and taking on challenges within photography.

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