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Damien Roseby


Burnley photographer: Photography is my passion and profession, which will most likely drive me crazy one day. As part of my photography, I am always striving to be better in my work in order to provide the best quality for my clients. I work around my client needs, giving each client that personal touch.

My way of approaching photography would be firstly to find exactly what my client wants. Once this is defined, with the use of my photography skills and key attention to detail, I provide photos that are honest, pure and true.

My photography ranges from various genres as I have an appreciation for all types of techniques. This ranges from capturing that special moment at a wedding to taking beautiful photos of tranquil landscapes.

Admittedly, it’s a strange concept to offer many types of photography. However, I feel by studying many photography genres, I can adapt my techniques across my work when placed in challenging scenarios.

With different scenarios comes a different photo. By focusing on each image individually, these are presented completely differently. I assume perfection is possible within each scenario, which is all included in the planning.

Over the many years I have been pressing the shutter and my work has been featured in multiple magazine publications both national and international.

In addition to the above, I have worked along side international Internet based media blogs such as Anything Cars having my work featured on a regular basis. As Bonafide Images I have worked with multimillion-pound companies using my images to promote their lines of products.

Well that's enough about me for now, should you like to keep up to date with my latest goings on head over to my Blog.


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