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Pet Photography Burnley By Bonafide Images:

Pixie The Pug

Pet Photography Burnley - Pug Life

Everyone loves dogs and me more than anyone. I had been asked by a client to capture some images of her new puppy pug and possibly some with her and her faience so I jumped at the chance and booked her in for the shoot.

Pet Photography Burnley - Studio Pug
As the weather was a bit unpredictable at this time of year I decided that I would take my pop up back drop and should the weather be less desirable then we could shoot in the comfort of the house I also find this helps with the dog as they are a lot more calm in their own house. As I was shooting indoors I decided to pack the following equipment.

· Nikon d7100
· Nikon sb700
· Nikon 35mm F1.8
· Sigma 18-70mm F2.8
· Metz
· Soft box
· Pop up back drop

As I was shooting in the house the backdrop would come in use full as I have started to work with photo composites where I super impose a fake background to change the look of the image when I am limited to places to shoot.

Pet Photography Burnley - Selective Colour Pug
The shoot started off well little pixie the pug was playful and energetic but soon calmed down once I had been there ten min or so I started shooting away using the different types of costumes her owner had for her then grabbed a few of little pixie with her owners.
Pet Photography Burnley - Pug Photo Shoot
I had noticed the sun had started to come out a bit so thought this would have been a good opportunity to go out in the garden and grab some images of her playing in the grass so ramped up my shutter speed so I could freeze time when she was running and just tried out close up images with flowers and greenery in the background.
Pet Photography Burnley - black and white pug
The only issue I came across is I probably would have been happier shooting with my D200 older camera as I prefer to use this when capturing moving images due to me being more comfortable with back button focus on that camera but apart from that the shoot went unbelievable well.

Pet Photography Burnley - Pug Head Shot

Should you be interested in more pet photography Burnley, Colne and surrounding areas feel free to take a look at my portfolio or contact me for a quotation.

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