Wedding Photography Skipton – Emma and Johns 1st year anniversary




Wedding Photography Skipton

– Emma and Johns 1st year anniversary

Clitheroe Wedding Photography carried out by bonafide images

Being a wedding photographer is always an interesting job and come across lots of storeys good and bad however a friend at work came to me and asked if he could hire me for a day to cover his sons first wedding anniversary to be set at Skipton’s Coniston hall to which I agreed. As the friends son was from America and only visiting for two weeks this made it difficult to have a sit down consultation with the couple like I normally would
coniston hall
The day came for the wedding anniversary and I was to meet the party at Coniston’s hall falconry centre. The bride and groom turned up in there wedding dress and suit from the wedding day which was a bit of a surprise but a nice surprise to say the least. I quickly spoke to the couple and asked them for their ideas for the day as all my dealings previously had been with the father of the couple.
weddding photographer burnley
It turned out the reason for the grand first year anniversary was due to the wedding photographer over in America which had covered the wedding had been paid to cover the full day and he attended the wedding and captured the day as requested however when it came to the couple getting the images from the day the wedding photographer refused to give them and said he had gone bankrupt and no longer traded as a photographer so any wedding day images were not going to be issued to them, This I felt sorry for the couple straight away and making me feel that anything from then on would be done to meet and surpass the expectations the couple wanted and to give them the images they needed to soften the blow left by the photographer that had let them down.
skipton wedding photography
We started the day off with the party spending time looking and holding the birds of prey barn owls and Harris hawks etc. however the day was very windy which made it difficult for birds to fly I walked around the party capturing those moments where people are talking at ease with out the posed shots knowing that any images from this time would look natural.
Burnley Wedding Photography
Next I took the couple away and captured some intimate images of them together as this is the one thing they was upset the most over the whole wedding day photographer fiasco that they had missed out on these images. If I had known about me doing these images I would have taken an assistant with me to hold my lighting set up as the day was just too windy to use the flashes, umbrellas and soft boxes but the lighting was nice. I knew I still would be able to get some exceptional images just using natural light as I do prefer natural light as oppose to studio lighting.
colne wedding photography
The falconry session was coming to an end and the next location was back down to Coniston hall for afternoon tea and champagne. I continued to go round capturing the natural shots of unsuspecting people laughing and joking. Once everyone had the tea it was time for formals dues to another wedding being on this would have to be done in doors so I moved a few tables and as it was a small party gathered everyone together for the big group shots calling off people as and when they were needed.
wedding photography skipton
By this time the bride had got changed so thought it would be a good opportunity to capture the bride in her new dress so they had a few more of those intimate solo shots she had longed for with just her and her husband.
wedding photography clitheroe
Over all the day was a great success I felt I captured some great images from the day which would help build up my event photography Skipton portfolio as well as my wedding photography Skipton portfolio, The images came out great and most of all the client loved the images which hopefully restored their faith in wedding photographers which had been destroyed by the photographer from their wedding day.

wedding photography burnley


wedding photographer clitheroe


colne wedding photographer

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    Event Photography Lancashire – Preston Comic Con

    Event Photography Lancashire – Preston Comicon

    Cosplay photography is always something I have been intrigued by. This probably came my hours of watching films and playing computer games as a kid. For that raseon I have always fancied a look at the cosplay events. As winter is now setting in and I am running out of things to photograph I decided to have a look at the Preston comic con.

    This was the to be the first comic con event held in Preston so was all a bit new and for that reason things like this normally turn out better. As I feel  they are a bit more personal and less mainstream so everyone is more relaxed and not under pressure making for great photo opotunites. I arrived there around 12.30 to be greeted by a cyber-man, stromtrooper, tie fighter pilot and an Indiana jones at the front doors which is just a bit different for your normal Saturday afternoon in Preston.

    Just from the characters outside I could tell the outfits had a lot of time and effort put into them and  I was going to in for a treat when I got inside, turns out I wasn’t to be let down.  I walked upstairs to the entrance walking past harry potter, imperial guards and a huge space marine which looked amazing.

    Once into the function itself  the lobby of the guild hall was littered with more cosplay characters sat eating there dinner it almost seemed a bit surreal to see planet of the apes chimpanzees sat next to a Mario or Luigi I started snapping away grabbing pictures where I could being sure to be polite and ask and what I did find excellent is that everyone stayed in character when posing  making for better images.

    From there I walked upto the next level where the show was in the auditorium style theatre all the stalls were surrounded by more cosplay characters and comic book fans. Then round the outside of the room artists and actors were sat giving autograph and talking to the members of the public.

    I continued to walk round the show seeing some of the groups that specialize in cosplay either dressed like star wars characters like storm troopers, Darth Vader or judges from Judge Dread all with inch perfect costumes which look they had come straight from a film set.

    As a photographer this was making for good pictures however the room conditions I did find a bit challenging with the low light scenario. I was finding the ISO on my camera was ramped up higher than normal. Also the flash was being used quite a bit, but with the high ceilings bouncing the flash was next to impossible and found myself having to point the flash towards the subject (which I always try not to do). Due to the small area I had to take pictures my Nikon 50mm F1.8 wasn’t the best for shooting but I made do with my sigma 18-70 F2.8. As it wasn’t the best lighting conditions I just told myself that all this was going to make better for my experience of shooting in low light scenarios.

    I continued to walk around the show looking for new cos play characters to shoot and looking at the odd stall along the way. I was really impressed with all the work had gone into the show and made me think I would be interested in shooting one off the bigger events in the future.

    I have to say I really enjoyed the day and because the characters aren’t of the everyday type of photography its meant I have been able to experiment with my editing in light room and over the winter will probably come back to some of these images and play about with photo composites to give the full cosplay photography feel to my work.

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      Event Photography Burnley – Halloween Charity Event


      This time it was Event photography Burnley was the location and an opportunity all came about when I was sat on Facebook one day and a friend of mine had spotted a post on the Burnley buy and sell Facebook page. A women was asking if there was any photographers willing to give their time to photograph a charity event they had planned.

      As it was back when I was starting up I decided to give it a go and put my name forward as it was for a good cause with it being a cancer charity which is a cause very close to my heart due to losing family members recently and through the years.

      The night came and I met Jackie and her husband which were the organizers of the charity event. The event was to be a Halloween party in Burnley. When I walked in all the room was all decorated with the orange and green streamers and balloons with vampire faces on which all looked great I have to say.

      As far as equipment wise It was back in the day when I was starting up so all I had for shooting in low light was my faithful 50mm F1.8mm and a Nikon SB-600 flash the event started well with a steady stream of people coming through the doors and I walked around the room grabbing pictures of the people in their fancy dress costumes and I have to say everyone put so much effort into the pictures which made shooting the party all that more enjoyable.

      As the night progressed more people came through the doors from vampires to banana man all types of characters had been thought of which was al topped off by a nice warm friendly atmosphere at the party. when time come and it was the fancy dress competition first the kids then the adults everyone had clearly put a lot of work into the costumes which made judging a lot more harder for the judges for sure.

      Overall I enjoyed the whole photography experience I have to take my hat off and commend Jackie and her husband as a lot of hard work had gone into the event it was clear to see and from what It was enjoyed by all with nothing negative to say by anyone. Jackie has since kindly asked me to photograph another red carpet themed event for her next year for the same charity and because of the success of the one last year I can’t wait to do the next.

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