Wedding Photography by Bonafide Images

So you’re looking for a wedding photographer? Well let me help, as a photographer I have photographed many weddings to meet all different criteria’s after all the biggest thing I have learnt from years in the industry is that every wedding is different, So here I am to capture your special day,


I can offer a simple package which just covers the ceremony and a few formal group pictures should you not want a fancy affair or I can offer a full scale wedding package which takes you from the first few hours of the day of the pre bridal right through to the first dance and wedding reception activities.


I have a candid style where I blend into the background like some trained marine and capture the events as they happen as I tend to stay away from the staged events as I prefer to capture the raw emotion of the day, as a real smile is always better than a fake smile. This could be classed as a photo documentary style but this is something I’m good at and is very popular among people, as you would be surprised how many people hate having their picture taken (me included) I have many tricks to give you confidence on the day so you feel relaxed in front of the camera so every picture comes out looking natural and un staged.


From the moment I meet a couple I work with them planning on the type of photography they want for their big day, as the time progresses up to the big day I stay in contact with the happy couple with various meetings just to go through any changes in day time activates and discuss the day more as more and more things get confirmed as the day edges closer so should you be interested or have any more questions feel free to drop me a message or a call and I will assist you further.