Portrait Photography Burnley – Ladies of the Manor

Portrait Photography Burnley – Ladies of the Manor

Another location shoot this time it was with more than one model although they were to be shot separately the idea was to go to Burnley and shoot in the grounds of Townley hall an old stately home. This is open to the public through the week for people to walk round.

We set up everything in the long gallery.  This being quite dark I knew a flash would be required to get the images we wanted. It wasn’t to dark as there was some light which came from the windows which were scattered down one side of the Gallery. I Decided we would first use one of the windows as to get my first images getting Sam to pose in the window sill while I shot away giving quite a bright look to the images.

At this point I decided it was time to use some of the darkness of the room and got same to stand and pose in the middle of the gallery only to be lit by the one off camera flash I had. As Sam continued to pose I noticed the floor was quite polished so decided that if I stood further away from sam by getting her whole body in shot I would get some of her reflection/shadow on the floor just giving that extra edge to the pictures.

The time came to change room and moved onto the stairs leaving the gallery. This area was quite ornate and well lit which gave a good chance for photos. I started by shooting with Carly and tried the theme of the lady of the manor house for quite a posh look. As we had a teapot and a cup and saucer prop with us which we added to the shot to give a more lady of the manor feel about the pictures.
Next came to shoot in this area and decided to move further down the stairs to get another set of images. I decided to stand further down and get a different approach to the image by being lower than Sam it makes the pictures more  overpowering.
I then moved to the kitchen as the kitchen had a nice big Stately Stone fire place with the old iron Fire place decorations. I decided I hadn’t used carley much on the shoots so grabbed a few images of her here with her teapot.

The day was coming to a close and sun had set due to it being in the winter months I thought about tracking back upto the gallery. I was interested to see how different the gallery looked with the less light and how this would affect the shoot. The whole aura of the place had changed making it a bit more sinister so decided to capture some images here with Sam and Carly again. I was then going to see how different the feel of the pictures from this time of day would be compared to the ones at the start of the day.

Overall the day was a great day for learning new techniques and practicing the ones I had. I got to grips with posing models and playing with the off camera light. I like to say a big thank you for Sam and Carly for modelling and hope we can work together in the future

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