Portrait photography – Zombies

Portrait photography – Zombies

Well time for something a bit different, for me especially. I had recently purchased a Nikon 3100 DSLR and it had a HD video feature on it one of my photography friends Matthew savage asked me if I would like to come along on a video shoot he was doing

Thinking nothing of it I agreed and jumped in the car and drove over. When I got to his house I was greeted by a group of students all covered in ripped cloths and makeup thinking even for a Saturday morning in Accrington this wasn’t the norm, so I asked more about the shoot which turned out that Matthew was shooting a Zombie style video for his college work and wanted me to help shoot some of the film, which then explained the people in makeup and ripped cloths so everything now made sense to me.

The location for the shoot was to be held at the old abandoned power station in Hapton which is derelict and full of graffiti which all would help to the post-apocalyptic zombie style surroundings Matthew was looking for.

As the day continued and the storey of the zombies unfolded every so often I would stop and grab the odd picture switching the camera from video to picture I have to say the experience of the day was great as it gave me something to my portfolio most people wouldn’t and gave me a chance to through a darker spin on my editing skills adding really dark vignette and grain to add to the dingy effect of the shoot through the pictures.

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