Car Show Photography – Trax 2013 Silverstone

Car Show Photography – Trax 2013

Automotive Photography - Honda Integra DC2 seen at trax silverstone 2013

Last Day of the season had come and the destination was Trax 2013 modified car show at Silverstone. Trax is the last car show of the season for me but I also class this as my favourite. It has so much to offer from Drift racing to time attack there’s something for everyone to watch. On top of this the infield of the famous Silverstone track is full of modified cars to look at.

I arrived at the show at 9am after a little wait in traffic, the sun was out and Really bright making me think that any shooting would have to be before dinner due to the harsh light and strong shadows the sun would create unless we had rain but from the blue skies this didn’t look like it was going to happen.

Automotive Photography Silverstone - Honda CivicI entered the Silverstone  grounds and parked the car up and got the camera gear out this was all I had with me was my D200, 50mm and kit lens I did have my flash but the remote triggers I had on the day decided they didn’t want to work (which have now been replaced) so that made the flash out of the question as I am not a fan of on camera flash.

As well as photography I also run a car club in my local area, this gives me opportunity to go to the shows I do and means I normally attend with a big group of friends as I had to shoot quite quickly due to the sun I decided to have a walk round the show by myself grabbing shots when I could this also gives me time to sit and wait for people to pass the cars as I’m by myself I can shoot in my own time without anyone having to wait about for me to get the images I want.
Automotive Photography Silverstone - Seat Leon Stanced out on some Rotiforms alloy wheels
I managed to get round the show before dinner but the weather had took a turn from the worse and from the bright sun I was fighting against at first, it now looked like I would be trying to shoot before a storm set as a big dark cloud had appeared over Silverstone. I checked the weather on my phone and the rain was too set in for the rest of the day as I hadn’t had much sleep that weekend due to a couple of nights on the town in Milton Keynes I decided to call it a day and pack the camera up and head off for my 3 hour journey back up north.

_DSC0038The show was great it had lots to offer the only problem I had with it is due to health and safety Silverstone has surrounded the track with 6 foot high fences making it very unfriendly for me as a photographer. This ruled out me getting any track action images as I didn’t have the views I would at other tracks like Oulton park and Cadwell which means if I am to attend Silverstone again for any motorsport images I am going to either need a media track pass or a bigger telephoto to capture the images I want.

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